§5.3: The Fourier coefficients of Majority

In this section we will analyze the Fourier coefficients of $\mathrm{Maj}_n$. In fact, we give an explicit formula for them in Theorem 16 below. But most of the time this formula is not too useful; instead, it’s better to understand the Fourier coefficients of $\mathrm{Maj}_n$ asymptotically as $n \to \infty$.


§5.2: Majority, and the Central Limit Theorem

Majority is one of the more important functions in boolean analysis and its study motivates the introduction of one of the more important tools: the Central Limit Theorem (CLT).


§2.1: Social choice functions

In this section we describe some rudiments of the mathematics of social choice, a topic studied by economists, political scientists, mathematicians, and computer scientists. The fundamental question in this area is how best to aggregate the opinions of many agents. Examples where this problem arises include citizens voting in an election, committees deciding on [...]