Analysis of Boolean Functions book now available for free download

I’m happy to say that I’ve finally gotten things set up so that you can download a PDF of the book. The official web address for this is, or you can click “DOWNLOAD THE PDF” on the blog’s main page.

A small warning: On the download page, I am using a “Google form” to ask for your email address, to which the PDF will be sent. I promise not to send you any other emails; just the one containing the attached PDF. I would also like to warn that I think Google allows at most 100 emails per day, so there is some small chance that we might hit the limit today. If that happens, please try again tomorrow! Finally, the server hosting this website has been a bit flaky lately; I hope it will be fine in the future.

Many thanks to Cambridge University Press for agreeing (several years ago!) to allow the PDF to be freely available. Of course, I’m also very thankful to the heroes who sent in comments and bug-fixes to the blog draft of the book. Please feel free to continue doing so — I’m happy to keep making corrections.

Regarding the differences between the printed book and the electronic version: The printed book is “Version 1.00″ and the PDF is “Version 1.01″. The main difference is that about 40 small typos/bugs have been fixed (nothing major; in almost all cases you can easily guess the correct thing once you notice the mistake). I would also like to add that the numbering of the theorems/definitions/exercises/etc. is identical between the printed book and the PDF, so if you would like to cite something, it doesn’t matter which version you cite. The page numbering is not the same, though, so please try not to cite things by page number.

Once more, thanks again to all the readers of the blog; I hope you enjoy the book!

Added later: We hit 100 emails; however, it appears that the downloads are still working. But in any case, if you have trouble, please try again tomorrow.

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