Nesin Mathematics Village and Swedish Summer School

Within the last two months I had the privilege of teaching a week-long Analysis of Boolean Functions course at two different summer schools.

In July I was at the (First Annual?) Swedish Summer School in Computer Science. This was wonderfully organized by KTH faculty Per Austrin, Johan Håstad, and Jakob Nordström, and took place on the scenic island of Djurhamn in the Stockholm archipelago. Boaz Barak and I alternated lectures (he on Sums of Squares) to 50 or so highly motivated graduate students. I was very impressed that many of them worked quite hard on the homework outside of lecture times! Some photos by Talya Abram can be found here, including one of me holding an exquisite table linen gift, with the De–Mossel–Neeman differential equation in the background.

The second summer school (just finished) was held at the Nesin Mathematical Village, an idyllic site in the hills near the Aegean coast of Turkey. The village operates year-round, but its main business is in the summer, when a hundred or so high school, college, and graduate math students come each week for courses. The spirit of the place is charming, and the math village itself is quite beautiful, as you can see from these photos. I lectured here, though I wish I got to lecture here.

By the way, if you ever teach a class on Analysis of Boolean Functions yourself, please drop me a line; I like to keep track of links to them. (So far I know of 31 such courses since 2002.)

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