Typos and mistakes

Another big thank-you to all the heroes who have found, and who continue to find, typos and mistakes in the book! Please keep them coming!

One small note: In the relatively near future I will post here an electronic version of the book. It will actually be version 1.01, with version 1.00 being the printed book. The electronic version will include fixes for typos found subsequent to the book’s printing.

Due to laziness, however, I will stop incorporating fixes into the old blog posts. So those are now basically deprecated. Feel free to take a look at them till the PDF comes out, of course. But this means there’s a chance that when you find a typo or mistake on the blog pages, I might respond with “Thanks — someone else found that too, and it’s already been corrected.”

Once again, thanks so much to all of you for the corrections!

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