The book is available for pre-order

I’m happy to announce that the book is very nearly completed. In fact, you can pre-order a copy now, either directly from Cambridge University Press, or from Amazon (currently with a 10% discount). If all goes well, the book will become physically available at the end of May. Fairly soon thereafter I will also make [...]


The last video lecture for my CMU course on Analysis of Boolean Functions has just been posted. Except for responding to comments, the blog will be going on hiatus for a little while. Next semester I’ll post the final chapters of the book; there will be between 4 and 7 of them, depending on how [...]

Simons Institute semester on Real Analysis in Computer Science

The following message is from Elchanan Mossel at the Simons Institute:

Dear Colleagues,

The Simons Institute for Theory of computing will run a program on Real Analysis in Computer Science during the fall semester of 2013.

Could you help spreading the word around, in particular to young scientists who may be interested to participate in [...]

Special journal issue, Simons videos, hiatus return

Some announcements: First, the book serialization will start back up again on Monday; stay tuned. Second, 22 videos from the Simons Symposium are now available. Third, there will be a special issue of Theory of Computing devoted to analysis of Boolean functions (see below announcement); please submit your good papers!

The journal Theory [...]


This blog will go on hiatus for the summer (except for responding to comments). See you in September.

Various notes

Russell Impagliazzo, Cris Moore, and Alex Russell just posted their new proof of the sharp form of the “Level 1 Inequality” (AKA Talagrand’s Lemma, AKA Chang’s Lemma). It’s completely beautiful, and basically 3 lines long. What’s doubly cool is that they pretty much came up with it on the spot during a lecture on the [...]