Useful Tips on Daily Saving

Energy Efficient Home Makeover
home saving
  1. Unplug fully charged devices
  2. Upgrade your fridge
  3. Add a faucet aerator
  4. Switching into LEDs
Green Your Office
green office
  1. Encourage recycling and composting
  2. Curb office equipment energy consumption
  3. Reduce water and paper towel waste
  4. Rethink your commute and work-related travel
Guide to Electric Vehicles
electric vehicles
  1. Battery only V.S. hybrid models
  2. Evaluate range reliability needs
  3. Attend to refueling options
  4. Performance and driving experiences
Go Solar
solar power
  1. Check your house
  2. Pick your plan
  3. Calculate costs and benefits
  4. Inspire community actions

For Educators

Reviewed Listings of Teaching Resources: researched from Nasa Resources

National Climate Assessment Teaching Resources A wealth of actionable science about the causes, effects, risks and possible responses to human-caused climate change.
U.S. Department of Energy Lesson Plans and Activities A collection of energy-related lesson plans, labs, projects and other activities for grades K-12 on energy-related topics, searchable by topic and grade level.
ESSEA Climate Education Modules The NASA-supported Earth System Science Education Alliance (ESSEA) provides modules for teachers and students taking ESSEA courses.
Climate Literacy and Energy Awareness Network An online platform to strengthen students' understanding of the core ideas in climate and energy science, and to share teaching about climate and energy science
A Message to the young generation