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My Heart is in the work—Andrew Carnegie


Recent Events:

~Computer Security (Check Link)

~Data Mining (Check Link)

~Mathematics in Computer Science          (Check Link)

~ Programming Languages and Verification (Check Link)

~ Cloud Computing — A brief description (Check Link)

~ Randy Pausch’s Time Management Lecture ( A brief glimpse):

1. A good file — system is essential for maintaining your work and making files easily available at all times.

2. Do the Ugliest job first and then move on to the next. As Randy quoted, even if you have to eat 3 frogs, eat the biggest one first and move on to the smallest.

3. Keep your desk clean, not messy,  to get jobs done faster. Most people waste 2 hours because of this.

4. Make a To-Do List to manage your time more effectively.

5. Learn to say “No”, when you have a lot of work to be done and other people come to you to ask for help.

6. Make a Time –Table / Schedule to keep track of yourself.

7. Prioritize your work from most important-due soon to not important-not due soon.

MORE Information is available at the following video link: