Rohith K. Pillai

I am a Computer science student at Carnegie Mellon University Qatar.

I was born in India and lived in three different countries and attended 7 different schools. My hobbies include playing badminton, reading and doing basically whatever catches my interest!

If you see me anywhere around campus feel free to meet me!


This is my freshman year in CMUQ. I am taking these courses currently:



This is My Calender.


Course Plan

This is a tentative Course Plan for my Computer Science degree at CMUQ.


My Interests

There are many things that interests me and inspire me in life.Travelling, cycling, playing badminton are a few of my hobbies. Love a good dose a novel every now-and-then. Nothing refreshes me more than a stroll in the beach, or hiking in the mountains, except maybe ice-cream? I would travel for a living if that was even a job.... because it is a great way of seeing new cultures and sights. If you want to know what's up lately with me, feel free to visit my wordpress blog!

My Resume

Here you can find my resume in the following link.


Say Hello.

You can contact me through the following mediums:

email me at rohithkp 'AT'