Art Show Rules

  • Only original work or signed-and-numbered limited edition copies.
  • No print shop.
  • All art must have a science fiction or fantasy theme.
  • All art must be matted or mounted in a way suitable for hanging to insure that the artwork is undamaged during display.
  • The art show will collect a 10% commission on the sale of any art, up to a maximum of $50 per artist. There will be a $.25 per-piece hanging fee on Not For Sale artwork.
  • Agenting is permitted. All agents must have a letter of permission from the artist to display the art in question at Confluence. A copy of this letter will be retained by the art show, and the payment for the art sold will be sent directly to the artist, not the agent.
  • Any art with two or more bids will go to auction at 1pm Sunday. All art with only one bid at the close of show Sunday is sold to that bidder.
  • During the open hours of the show, any work that has no bid (and is not listed as "Not For Sale") may be purchased for the quick sale price. The art show staff should be consulted for quick sale purchases.
  • Mail-in art is permitted. All artists who wish to mail art to the Confluence show should include a return address and postage. Send the art to:

    Lara Van Winkle
    322 4th Street
    Irwin, PA 15642-3508

    Art show sales checks will be returned with the art, where possible.

    Some art show forms are available in PDF format. Click here.

    Art Show Schedule

    Noon to 3:00 pm - Art show setup
    3:30 pm to 9:00 pm - Artist check-in
    5:00 pm to 9:00 pm - Art show open to public
    9:00 pm - Art show closed for night

    9:00 am to Noon - Artist check-in
    10:00 am - 6:00 pm - Art show open to public
    6:00 pm - Art show closed for day

    10:00 am to Noon - Art show open to public
    Noon - Art show sales and display closes
    1:00 pm - Art Show Auction
    1:00 pm to 3:00 pm - Art Sales open
    1:30 pm to 3:00 pm - Artist checkout
    3:00 pm to 5:00 pm - Art show tear down

    What is Quick-Sale?

    Quick sale is a process by which a person interested in a piece of art may by-pass the bidding process, if and only if, that item of art has no bids previously placed on it. The buyer pays immediately for the art, removing it from the bidding process. The opportunity to use the Quick Sale process is not available on those art pieces that are marked "N/A" or blank in the quick sale price block, or if the art has already has bids placed on it.

    Why Use Quick-Sale?

    The benefits of quick-sale are two-fold. The first is to the purchaser of a piece of art. The opportunity to buy the art outright (which is effectively what quick-sale does), gives a purchaser the assurance that they can get the art they want without the risk of losing it to another bidder. It also helps them organize their time, since they do not have to set aside time to check their bids and risk needing to attend the art auction to defend their bids, unless they want to.

    How Does Quick Sale Work?

    The art buyer notes whether or not a piece of art is available for quick sale (see What is Quick Sale?), and if the piece is still available, gets the assistance of one of the art show staff in marking it sold. (This must be performed by the Art show staff and none other.) The purchaser pays for the art, receives a receipt for the sale, and may pick up the art later in the day, when art show sales are open. It is not policy to let the buyer remove the art from the show early (why miss the opportunity to gloat over getting it?).

    When Can Quick Sale Be Used?

    Quick sale is in effect at any point when the Art Show is open. It may not be used at "closed" times, or when the Art show staff is running sales, or other administrative functions.