Karen E. Taylor

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Karen E. Taylor was born and raised in the Pittsburgh area. A graduate of Churchill area High School and later of Grove City College, her first love was the theater, but now she admits that writing is better; "You get to write all the lines and play all the parts." When asked why she writes horror fiction, Karen pleads a life-long fascination with the supernatural; she first conceived of writing a vampire novel while living across the street from a very large cemetary. And although she (thankfully) never met one of the undead there, the seeds for the characters of Blood Secrets where planted.

Karen's works include The Vampire Legacy, which is made up of Blood Secrets, Bitter Blood, Blood Ties, and Blood Child (Currently in progress). Short stories are "The Mirrored Image" in the anthology Love Bites and "Obsession" from No Other Tribute, both from Masquerade Books. More of her stories appear in the Barnes & Noble anthologies 100 Vicious Little Vampires and 100 Wicked Little Witches. Upcoming shorts: "Forever" in Barnes & Noble's A Horror Story A Day and "The Presence" in Seductive Spectres, Masquerade Books.

Karen still resides in the Pittsburgh area with her husband, two children, two cats, and a dog.

E-mail Karen at k.taylor7@genie.com.

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