In September, Solar Year 2000

an event so astounding, so amazing

you won't believe it's actually happening

and You'll Be There


landing in Pittsburgh

for the first time ever on Earth

the intergalatically famous



Yes, dear friends, Terrans, and countryfolk! We're bringing the Fair to YOU! No more getting stuck in traffic at Beta Hydrae, no more paying those steep tolls on the Centauri Turnpike! Just a hop, skip, and a theeble, galatically speaking, from your Very Own Homes, beings of Earth, and you can experience it all for the LOW LOW PRICE of 35 Aurigan snailshells, or the local equivalent!


Here's just a few of the things you'll get for your money, kind citizens of the Universe:

Costuming and Art


Anime, Video, and Comics

Science, Real and Un


Miscellaneous (because I ran out of ideas)


Mundane Details