Lawrence C. Connolly

Lawrence C. Connolly has been writing short stories since the early 80s. His fiction has appeared in Amazing Stories, Fantastic Stories, Twilight Zone, Year's Best Horror Series XI and XII, Horror Show, and other magazines and anthologies.

Recent stories have appeared in Borderlands 3, Borderlands 4, and The Splendour Falls (all from White Wolf), and in Castle Fantastic (DAW).

Later this year he will have new stories in New Amazons (ROC) 365 Scary Stories (Barnes & Noble), Terminal Fright Magazine, and Pirate Writings.

His story "Echoes" was filmed by an independent production company in 1990. His story "Circle of Lias," which appeared in Borderlands 4, is one of the recommended stories in the current Year's Best Fantasy and Horror.

Lawrence Connolly teaches at Sewickley Academy.

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