ConFluence 1997,

Virtual Bridges

brings you:

Steven Brust

Guest of Honor

The Pittsburgh area's tenth annual Science Fiction and Fantasy conference.

August 8-10, 1997

Our program schedule is now available.

Here's our latest (only) Progress Report.

Virtual Guests

In addition to our Guest of Honor Steven Brust, we will be continuing our tradition of having lots of authors, artists, editors, scientists, and, of course, fen. Additional guests include Catherine Asaro, John Barnes, Brian Babyok, Flonet Biltgen, Pat and Shelly Block, Linda Bushyager, Grant Carrington, Karen Rose Cercone, Ken Chiacchia, Brenda Clough, Kathryn Cramer, Kara Dalkey, John DeChancie, Susan Dexter, Tim Esaias, Joe Clifford Faust, Stephen Fisher, Gregory Frost, Alexis A. Gilliland, Pete Grubbs, David Hartwell, Alan Irvine, Nancy Janda, Andrew Keith, William H. Keith, Jr, Fruma Klass, Judy Klass, Dr. Morton Klass, Mary Soon Lee, Barton Paul Levenson, Barry Linck, Joe Mayhew, Paul Melko, James Morrow, Charles Oberndorf, Nick Pollotta, John-Allen Price, Martin Ratcliffe, Edward Robinson, Darrell Schweitzer, Michael Swanwick, William Tenn, Mary Turzillo, Kathleen Woodbury, and Sarah Zettel. (And this is only a partial list!)

Win Non-Virtual Money!

The winner of our Short Story Contest will receive One Hundred REAL DOLLARS! Well, actually a check, so I guess it is Virtual Money. The winning story is published in the the ConFluence '97 Program Book. The second and third prizes are $50 and $25 respectively. This years theme is "Virtual Bridges". The Deadline to submit a story has now past. Sorry if you missed it!

The Bridge Over River Kwai

Great movie, but we won't be showing it in our Video Room. Our regular video room returns with a stronger lineup this year.

Unfortunately, we won't have Three Rivers Fant-Asia this year, but we will be showing blocks of anime and Asian live action in the video room on Friday evening, Saturday midday, Saturday evening, and Sunday morning.

See you at the movies, everybody!

Brooklyn Bridge -- For Sale Cheap!

Our Dealers' Room will once again feature a Book Extravaganza -- new, hard-to-find, used, and out-of-print books! We will also have lots of neet stuff besides books! For more information on the Dealers' Room, or to try to reserve a table, contact JJ Walton at

London Bridge is Falling Down!

And parts of it will be on sale in our Art Show and Auction! No, just kidding. But we charge no hanging fee, and with only a 10% commission on sales there's sure to be something for everyone!

Duckburg Bridge in Art and Literature

We are pleased to announce a new and unusual event that will be happening at ConFluence this year. Our guests Pat and Shelly Block, the artist and writer for the Donald Duck comic book, will be conducting a storyboarding, or, as they prefer to call it, "storytelling with comics" workshop on Saturday afternoon. It will be structured like a normal program item; anyone is welcome and there will be no extra charge. Learn how to take an idea and flesh it out into a comic-book story, from panel to panel and page to page. If you've always wanted to send Donald to Mars and have his nephews abducted by aliens, now's your chance!

A Bridge Too Far

Okay, so we ate too much at the ConSuite, but it WILL be back next year! Munchies galore and Regional Beer Tasting! We never know what Bob will be dishing out. The worlds best chocolate chip cookies? Five types of soup including Bob's Chili? Cheese and Chocolate Fondue? Whatever it will be, we have one of the best con-suites going!

Virtual Adults

Due to lack of participation over the last several years, we are eliminatingour Children's Programming. Let us know how you feel about this at

A Musical Bridge

We WILL be performing the much-looked-foward-to My Fair Ladle, the infamous musical where Odo learns to be a better human to the tunes of My Fair Lady. Of course, we'll also have a masquarade, poetry readings, a filk concert with Peter Grubbs, and even a filk contest! The theme for the Filk contest is Anachronism. Click here for more information on the contest.

Pittsburgh -- City of Bridges!

Why, yes! There IS a reason we're doing the Virtual Bridges theme! ConFluence will be at the luxurious Marriott City-Center in Downtown Pittsburgh. This will be the first full-spectrum Science-Fiction and Fantasy convention in the downtown area since PittCon 1960 and PghLange in 1973! Here's more hotel information. This is NOT when and where we initially advertised! Please make a note of the date and place if you were going by last year's program book, as they have changed since that was printed.

Special Registration Instructions

Before July 23rd, call 1-888-456-6600 to reserve a room. Make sure you get the Convention Rate! If you have problems after hours, try calling (412) 471-4000, ask for Melissa Furlong, at extension 1303 to get the ConFluence rates. We apologize for the confusion.

All this fun for only $20 until June 30, 1997, and $28 thereafter. Kids' memberships are $10 until June 30, 1997, and $15 thereafter. Kids under 10 are free if they remain with you at all times.

Print out our registration form, or send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to:

ConFluence '97,
P.O. Box 3681,
Pittsburgh, PA 15230-3681,
phone: (412) 344-0236

  • Make all checks payable to PARSEC.

  • Questions on registration? You can ask anything of our registrar, the Evil Lady, at, but you may not like the answers...

  • Address other questions to PARSEC at

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