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Randy Pauschs Lecture on Time Management:-
1-He did not only talk about time management but kept the audience awake and laughing by talking about his life experiences.I really liked the way he introduced his lecture.
2-The points which I found useful from the Lecture were:
a-Time management is systematic ,takes long-term to implement it and to lead a happy life.
b-Life is too short.You never get back the time which you have already spent.Have Fun in whatever you do.
c-Being succesful doesnt make you manage your time well , but infact managing your time well makes you succesful.
d-There are no shortcuts to anything you want to accomplish.
e-Making File system is very important.

Cloud Computing :-
It is basicaly assistance in computing rather than a product type.
The user seeking assistance in computing & serivices need not know the physical location of the system that makes the work done.
The name cloud computing was derived from the cloud like symbol used for Internet in diagrams.
The service is very flexible and the user can get assistance at any time for how much ever computing work.
The cloud is basicaly of two types- (a) Public Cloud which provides services to anyone over the net . , and (b) Private Cloud which provides service to only a limited number of people associated with it.
The serivices are divided into three types- (a) Infrastructure Serivce (b) Platform service (c) Software Service.
Modification and improvement is much easier , as it is not installed on every users computer.
Connection of networks from different places on which many clouds are inter-connected are called Inter-Cloud.

Questions :-
1-What is Cloud Engineering?How does it relate to Cloud Computing?
2-How does Cloud Computing actually function?
3-At what level has it reached in Mordern times?
4-The main benefits of Cloud Computing?
5-What is traditional hosting ? How does it differentiate from traditional hosting?

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5- Get to know how Clous Computing works

Programming Language and Verification :-
It is a language used to communicate to a machine , particularly COmputers.
It is used to create programs to instruct the computers to perform specific tasks.
The different types of programming languages used worldwide are Java,Python,C++,BASIC,COBOL,pascal etc.
The two main building blocks for a Programming Language is Syntax and Semantics.
They range from small scripts to very large programs written by network of computers.
The first high-level computer programming language was Plankalkül.
Programming languages are also used as a verification tool.
The programming language designed for verification should check the codes for user satisfaction.
It is a tool used for verifying hardware,software and protocol.
Verification of codes is very essential for high-level softwares as a minor mistake can crash the program.

Questions :-
1-Why Programming Language?
2-How is it converted to machine languages?
3-What are its uses?
4-What is Semantics?
5-The Limitations?

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5- Webopedia for Programming

My Course Plan for the Coming years.I am not quite sure if it will remain the same next year but at present this seems perfect:

Mathematics in Computer Science:-
1-The very beginning of Computer Science was from a Mathematical Problem.The idea of inventing computer was result of solving a mathematical problem.
2-Alan Turing was the first one to create first model of a computer called Turing Machine.He created this in order to solve one of the Hilberts unsolved mathematical problems.
3-The turing machine was modelled to solve a specific problem and later Konrad Zuse created the first fucntional program-controlled computer-Z3 which was operational and he received an award for that.
4-The mathematical foundation of mordern computers was laid by Kurt G?del with his incompleteness theorem.He provided the limitations to what could be proved and not proved within a working system.
5-1936 was a key year for computer science. Alan Turing and Alonzo Church independently, and also together, introduction of an algorithm, with limitations on what can be computed, and a "purely mechanical" model for computing.
6-All topics are covered in the Church-Turing thesis which claims that computers can be used to solve any kind of mathematical problems provided proper time and space are given.
7-Computers were used to solve unsolvable mathematical problems by defining algorithms and designing computers for specific jobs.
8-In mordern times,Computer Science is overtaking the field of Mathematics.
9-The first programming language was FORTRAN-Formula Translator developed in 1954.This was a basic language which included english words even.
10-The languages were hardware dependent.
11-The binary system in Mathematics is represented by two digits-0 and 1.The binary system is used internaly in all computer systems.
12-It is implementes in computers using logic gates.
13-Computer Systems are constructed of Digital Electronics.Thier electronic circuits can exist only in two states-on or off.These patterns of on or off stored inside the computers are used to encode numbers using binary systems.
14-Thus,The two fiels are very closely related and are dependent on each other.

1-Why is application of mathematics not seen in earlier programming?
2-Why does mathematucal reasoning make computer programming much easier?
3-Is maths a MUST for Computer Science?
4-What is the balance among the fields?
5-Which is the dominating field?

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3-Math structures in Computer Science
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5- Is mathematics necessary for Computing?

Data Mining:-
1-Data mining is a emerging field of computer science which deals with the extraction of mini hidden details from large databases.
2-It includes methods from statistics,artificial intelligence and database management.
3-It is helping companies focus on the important information in thier data warehouses.
4-They predict future trends and behaviours thus helping companies make much more knowledge-driven decisions.
5-The actual data mining task is to extract previously unknown data from large chuncks of data such as groups of data record.
6-Early methods of identifying patterns in data include Bayes' theorem (1700s) and regression analysis (1800s)
7-Its notably used in games,business,science and engineering,spatial data mining,visual data mining and surveillance.
8-Data mining derives its name from the similarities between searching for valuable business information in a larger database and mining a mountain for some valuable ore.
9-It may compromise confidentiality and provacy obligations.This is a major challenge to data mining.
10-This can occur when data is collected from different sources in order to annalyse it. It is not a part of data mining but is included in the preparation of the data to be mined.
11-The term used for this is data aggregration.
12-The main challenge comes when the analysed and compiled data is available to the user to see the sources of the complied data.
13-It can be overcomed by letting the individual knowing of the data taken and the purpose it might serve.
14-The most commonly used techniques in data mining are-Artificial neural networks,Decision trees,Genetic algorithms,Nearest neighbor method and Rule induction.
15-The technology is applicable to any company looking to leverage a large data warehouse to better manage their customer relationship.

1-What is the role of computer scientists in this?
2-What are possibilites of future advancments?
3-What are the other limitations?
4-How exactly does it work?
5-When did it initialy begin?

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2-An introduction to data mining and applications in the business world
3- All topics from evolution to uses article on data mining
4- Data Mining: Text Mining, Visualization and Social Media
5-Statistical Data Mining Tutorial

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Computer Security:-
1-Wepopedia describes computer security as- 'In the computer industry, the term security ;or the phrase computer security;refers to techniques for ensuring that data stored in a computer cannot be read or compromised by any individuals without authorization.'
2-It mosltly includes encryption of computer data and making password-protected information.
3-The main objective of Computer Security is to protect the valuable information from theft,corruption and disaster.While it is protected from everyone it is only accesible to the people who are authorised thus providing accessibility with security.
4-Each computer security system differs as it is used for protection of computer information for different unauthorized individuals and the level of security.
5-Mainly it is used on linked computers that is when many computers are linked and share information on a network like Internet.
6-The major technical areas of computer security are usually represented by the initials CIA: confidentiality, integrity, and authentication or availability.
7-Confidentiality is mainly providing privacy to the users.It prevents the access by unauthorized users.
8-Integrity is protecting the information from unauthorized changes from unauthorized users without the permission if the authorized user.
9-Authentication is checking if the authorized user is who he actualy is.That is checking authencity of the user.Many hackers try to access the information by false identity of the authorized user.
10-While confidentiality, integrity, and authenticity are the most important concerns of a computer security manager, privacy is perhaps the most important aspect of computer security for everyday Internet users.
11-Even if the users feel thier information shared on the Internet is not to be protected , Every users information is sensitive and need to be private.
12-It is mainly integrated in industry-driven technologies which need to protect thier data on various networks of computers.
13-Many challenges come across various computer security softwares , Like various password decryption aaplications have ben developed which can be used easily to retirve passwords.

1-Why Computer Security for even daily use of Internet?
2-What are the main challenges of Network security today?
3-Basic process in making computer security softwares?
4-How far has it developed through out the years?
5-Difference between encryption security and passwords security?

Links to refer:-
1- Wikipedia on Computer Security
2- Article by Jane F. Kinkus Mathematical Sciences Librarian Purdue University
3-Adolix on Computer Security
4- Some cyber Security Tips
5- How Stuff Works Link on how Computer Securiy works

Computer Networks:-
1-Wepopedia defines Computer Networks as-"A network is a group of two or more computer systems linked together.".
2-There are many different types of computer networks-
->local-area networks (LANs) : The computers are geographically close together (that is, in the same building).
->wide-area networks (WANs) : The computers are farther apart and are connected by telephone lines or radio waves.
->campus-area networks (CANs): The computers are within a limited geographic area, such as a campus or military base.
->metropolitan-area networks MANs): A data network designed for a town or city.
->home-area networks (HANs): A network contained within a user's home that connects a person's digital devices.
3-Topology,architecture and protocol are the main characteristics used to define the types of computer networks.
4-Today Computer networks are the core of mordern communication.
5-Computer networks facilitate easier communication.Now users can communicate through linked computers networks like chats,instant messaging,telephone and video calls.
6-It even allows the sharing of data across users.Many important information can be passed on.This is an important feature of computer networks.
7-It even allows judicious use of resources.Same printer can be used for printing by various linked computers thus solving the problem of multiple printers.
8-Connectivity is done through wired/wireless networks.
9-Among the wired networks are coaxial cables,twisted pair and optical fibres.
10-Wireless includes infrared,bluetooth,microwave connections and communication satellites.
11-A communication protocol defines the rules for the information to be exchanged via a network and provides a protocol suite to be used at various levels.
12-There exist a multitude of communication protocols-Ethernet,internet protocol suite,SONET/SDH and ATM.

1-How did it initialy develop?
2-What are the major challeneges today?
3-Which is the fastest means of communicating?
4-How does the Infrared work?
5-How does the whole networking system work?

Links to refer:-
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2-Computer Networks Basics
3-Ways to configure your network
4-Award-winning educator and researcher Andrew S. Tanenbaum explains how computer networks work inside -from the hardware technology up to and including the most popular Internet application protocols.
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