• Postgraduate degree in Information Systems - 2017
  • Diploma from The Academic Bridge Program - 2013

My Hobbies

Horse Riding I love spending my sparetime riding horses
Photography I also love taking photos of whatever comes in mind
Calligraphy I love the art of drawing the letters instead of writing them

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I am a student at Carnegie Mellon University, Qatar .

Each person in the world has a distinguished dream that she or he wishes to accomplish. A dream that will determine one’s career and life. To me, my ultimate goal for now is to become a game designer. The reason behind the infinite love I carry towards such career is because I enjoy it. I desire that one day the whole world will play a game designed by me. At the beginning it was hard to determine what I wanted to be or what I wanted to do after high school graduation. But now, I have seen some of what technology can do, and that some convinced me with what I want now. So, imagine what technology as a whole can do! I am sure that the coming stuff I haven’t seen before will make me stick even more with what I have chosen already.

Studying at Carnegie Mellon University will help me get to know the different ways to create and engage in ways of creating games and programs. Using programs such as Python, Java, etc. I will be able to design whatever game I have in mind and make it visible to everyone. It is amazing how technology is used nowadays to show people what is exactly in your mind. Moreover, a lot of other courses such as Concepts of IS, will help me gradually understand technology and how things work. In addition, I am considering minoring in business in the upcoming years, so that it would help me manage and understand the market issues and preferences. A business minor will give me the advantage on people who don’t understand business matters. All those courses will pay off and come together sometime soon in the future.

Enrolling at Carnegie Mellon University means that you have to follow a number of rules that should be considered as values as well. All work done should be completely mine. I believe that everyone should be friendly and respectful. I take the statement “Treat others the way you want to be treated” in consideration. No one wants to be treated mean, so if you respect everyone and treat them nicely, you would like to be treated the same way.

Achieving such big dream might be challenging depending on your prioritizing. I try my best to put family first, but the curriculum forces you to spend less time with your family, which will eventually lead you to put your education before your family. However, I really try my best to spend time with my family because after all, they are my motivation that helps me regain courage every once in a while. They are the one who gave me the complete freedom to choose what I want to do. They did not force their opinion in any way. Instead they backed me up when I decided to do Information Systems. My parents singed me to all those exams (ACT, IELTS), and motivated me to study until I got the highest scores that I could get. Unfortunately, my highest scores weren’t good enough to get me in college, so I was rejected! However, I did not give up. I enrolled in the Academic Bridge Program (ABP) for a whole year to improve my skills and study. At the ABP I took courses that will enhance my language and develop the way I think. I cross-registered at two different universities trying to figure out what I wanted to do. I took Media Literacy at Northwestern Qatar, and Rhetoric Reading and Writing at Texas. Yet, I did not feel that I belong in any of them. In addition to those courses, I also took a Robotics course at ABP which turned out to be one of the best courses I have ever taken. This course lead me to the place where I want to be in. All that building and programming we did made me attached to it. Although I needed to work hard in this course, I still had fun playing around with the robot and making it do stuff like hitting the ball. Since then I knew that I wanted to go for something similar to what we did in that course. Then, when I knew that Information Systems could lead me to my goal, my future path started to become clear. After doing some research I decided that I want to be a game designer, because I know I will enjoy designing games for people to play and for me to be proud of. I tried my best and graduated ABP with honor, and more importantly with higher scores in ELTS and ACT. Scores that will qualify me to be part of Carnegie Mellon University. Scores that made my family proud of me. It is indescribable to know that your family is proud of you and supports you with all of your right decisions.

To reach my dream I need to do the best I could do. Though I always try to be positive about it, game designing industry does not really exist in Qatar. This creates a new difficulty for me besides not having enough money to start such big project. Yet, I have put some plans in order to achieve my dream. will start my career by working in a gas company, Exxon Mobile if possible. I have seen that the community in Exxon Mobile is a loving and friendly community. It is similar to the community we have at Carnegie Mellon. Everybody knows everybody, and everyone is friends with everyone. During my working years I will save a legitimate amount of money monthly to gather what will be enough to start my own business in game designing. Plus, working in a company will provide me with experience of how a business project is managed and controlled which will eventually help me with my own business.

I realize it will be hard at the beginning because the business will consist of me and maybe some of my friends that share the same goal as myself. However, I know that this business will stand on its feet after the first success which will hopefully be the first game I create. Gradually the company will start to grow bigger and bigger making the dream an unbelievable reality. I am sure that this project will be a success in a way or another, because I see how people love video games. People keep falling in love with new games and keep buying them. This industry attracts the majority of children, teenagers, and even adults. The attraction between people and video gaming industry is the key of success. So, the objective of the company will be to keep the existing of this attraction or connection by making creative likable games that people would buy.

Living the dream is an amazing thing to have, because you’ll be doing what you love, what you thought was fantasy. That is why people try to do everything they can to reach their all-time dream. With hard work and ambition, I will find the way to grasp the dream. Because, as Carnegie said “my heart is in the work”.