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An informational website comprising personal experience and advice regarding studying abroad in Japan

Hello, my name is Ryan. I'm currently a sophmore at Carnegie Mellon University in the Information Systems major. The past summer I spent a little over 12 weeks studying abroad in Tokyo, Japan.

Classroom Golden Pavillion
Tokyo Big Sight

My Program

The study abroad program that I chose to go with was Temple University. Temple is actually an American university based in Philadelphia, but hosts one of the most established Japan campuses of all American universities. The program was 10 weeks and the campus was in Tokyo.

Where I Stayed

I stayed about a 30 minute ride from the heart of Tokyo, to the south south west. My home station was Musashi-Kosugi.

Where I Studied

Temple university was a couple stops south west of Shibuya. The station that I used daily was Shirokane-Takenawa.