Rishav Binayak Das

First Year Masters in Computer Science Student at Carnegie Mellon School of Computer Science


Spring 2015

Probabilistic Graphical Models, Text Mining, Operating Systems, Machine Learning for Large Datasets

Fall 2014

Algorithms, Machine Learning, Computer Game

Summer 2014

Introduction to Computer Systems


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1. Predicting the next visited Restaurant based on Past Reviews

2. Infiltrators (A Video Game)

2.1. Download for Mac/Android

2.2. Gameplay video

3. Bachelors Project: Registration of Kinect Scans

4. Compiler Design Project: Figuring out Energy Optimal SIMD Widths for Loops


Winter 2012: Samsung R&D Center, NOIDA, India

Summer 2013: PayPal, Bangalore, India

Social Service Internship at Swechha

Swechha Internship Report

LB-17 Map for Routing Analysis