CMU 15-418/618 (Spring 2013) Final Project:
The Real-time Raytracer
Ling Yuan (lyuan), Raphael Kim (raphaelk)

Project Proposal

Checkpoint Report

Final Report

Working Schedule

Week What We Plan To Do What We Actually Did
Apr 1-7  Create proposal Create proposal
Apr 8-14  Design n-body simulation system, parallalized raytracer  Research on real-time raytracer, n-body simulation, input files
Apr 15-21  Implementing simulation system  Modifying 15-462 raytracer to cuda raytracer
Apr 22-28  Integrate both systems/Debugging  Porting necessary CPU data to GPU side/break my ankle...
Apr 29-May 5  Study for midterm  Study for midterm/Debug
May 6-11  Generate more input scenes and performance tuning  Debugging cuda raytracer
May 12-26  Finish real-time raytracer/analysis  Finish debugging and analysis

Working Log

[Keep a log of work you have done here. You may wish to list optimizations you tried, what failed, etc. Or you can just rant. Keeping a good log will make it easy to put together your final writeup.]