I am a student at Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar. I completed my high school from Ideal Indian school in Qatar. My first interest in computers began at an early age when I was in the fifth grade. We had a class which was designed to help us learn how to use basic functions in a computer and later on in the ninth grade we learned about HTML. However, my school life was not only focussed on academics. I used to play a lot of sports especially in the early days of high school. I was mostly interested in Cricket and Soccer. I used to be a bowler for my cricket team and we had won a lot of tournaments.As for the football team, I used to be play the role of a midfielder. I had captained our football side for two major tournaments. Although the tournaments played under my captaincy were not very successful and the fact that our coach almost tried to kill us in practice, I was a major player for the team and had scored and assisted many goals.Our major accomplishment came when I was playing for the team in my final year. We were playing the final match and we were down by three goals at half time. We made an unbelievable comeback and scored four goals in the second half and won the match. During middle school I met Omer, Saqib, Divi and Natasha who are all wonderful people. I have spent a lot of time working on projects, studying and enjoying with them. I am still in touch with them and we still get together on the weekends in Starbucks which is our favourite coffee shop. The most fun experience we had in our final year apart from all the sports events, cultural dance events and talent events was our senior project in Physics. Although it got a little bit stressful at times, we had so much fun learning and working together. At the end of such a wonderful year and a school life we had our final exams. Everyone did really well on their finals and all of us are currently enrolled in the most amazing universities.

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  • Graduated from high-school - 2016

My Hobbies

Football I am a freekick specialist
Programming I program on the Arduino