Preface from the Organizers

The workshop on "Adaptive Systems and User Modeling on the World Wide Web (WWW)" aims to bring together practitioners in user modeling and related areas that exploit the WWW for adaptive:

The WWW acts both as an underlying infrastructure and as a unifying base for many research projects. Therefore, it is timely to share our experiences and visions to take advantage of potential synergistic effects of bringing together researchers in various aspects of adaptive WWW research. For example, web-based user modeling components and/or adaptivity frameworks developed within the user modeling community may provide complementary approaches for future work within the field. The workshop "Adaptive Systems and User Modeling on the World Wide Web (WWW)" builds upon and extends the scope of previous successful workshops: Adaptive Hypertext and Hypermedia ( at UM'94 and User Modelling for Information Filtering on the World Wide Web ( at UM'96.

Peter Brusilovsky, Josef Fink, Judy Kay