The Perovich Kid's Homepage

Hi. We are the Perovich's. We live about 10 miles from Pittsburgh, PA.

Our names are Benjamin, Rachel and Hannah.

Ben is 11 years old, Rachel is 10 and Hannah is 8.

Pets we have:

We have three pets: a Cairn Terrier named Tramp, a black cat named Kiki and a 14 year old rabbit named Elvis. We love all our pets.

Things we like to do:

Our Best Friends:

  1. Ben has many friends. Some of these are Adam, Bryant, and Brendan.
  2. Rachel's very best friend is Amy.
  3. Hannah has many friends. Kyra has been her friend since they were babies together. Sarah really cracks her up.

Our Parents

We all love are Mom and Dad. Mom works at
The Children's School at Carnegie Mellon University. It's a fun place to visit. There are many fun and unusual things to do there. We love to go to the Buggy Races.

We would love to hear from you. Our email address is:
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