Baxter video


Baxter uses a mounted camera and computer vision algorithms in order to sense where a cup is on a table. Baxter needs to sense the location of the cup and needs to sense whether any more beads are coming out of it while pouring. When it senses that there's no longer anything coming out of the cup it's pouring from, it needs to stop shaking the cup.


Baxter plans a trajectory to move its joints on in order to pick up the cup and pour the contents out. First, Baxter needs to plan a trajectory to get the endeffector near the middle of the cup and allow the gripper to close around the middle of the cup. Then, Baxter must plan a trajectory to move the cup into pouring position while keeping it upright, and then must tilt the cup at the right location to pour out the beads.


Baxter moves its joints along the planned trajectory and picks up the cup. The robot then moves the cup to the pouring location without spilling the beads, and finally tilts the cup and pours out the beads.