s i g i l

The sigil of the LeftEye is an icon of simple design, yet complex and mixed meaning.
The LeftEye is based on three geometric symbols, each with a seperate meaning.
The body is made of an ellipse with an inscribed rhombus.
Inside the rhombus is an inscribed ellipse with an inscribed rhombus ad infinum.
Each ellipse and rhombus represent an eye on a plane of reality.
Each recursed eye is looking at a different scale of reality, from the corporeal to the non-corporeal.
The endless self-similarity of the eyes shows that there is a similarity of all things as one looks closer.
The final symbol that completes the image of the LeftEye is a symbol of infinity intertwined with the recursed eye, yet broken on the ends farthest from the center.
It shows that there is an end to everything, and the farther one travels from a single spot, that end becomes more apparent.

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