I am an avid listener of music on the go so I am a big fan of mobile streaming. After testing out multiple streaming platforms, I have come to the conclusion that Spotify offers the best user interface and music reccomendation algorithms of the major streaming services: Soundcloud, Apple Music etc.). Things I particularly enjoy about Spotify is there curated playlists. They have a multitude of playlists that their algorithms make specifically for you such as tastebreakers, discovery weekly, your top songs of the year and so on. These playlists make listening to music on spotify so much more fun and personalized that I just listen for hours as the algorithm takes me down a hole of new music!

Hello my name is Neha Joshi and my favorite hobby is listening to music of all kinds. I think music is the worlds connector and has the power to encapsulate emotion like no toher art can. From Rap to classical I enjoy all genres of music - excpet maybe country but I do have some wide exceptions. I think music is the greatest thing man has made and the best way to get to know someone is thorugh their music so I hope you enjoy this site dedicated to my current tastes!

My Current Favorite Albums