Resume of Noora Al-ansari

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I am a freshman student at CMUQ university.I earned my undergraduate from al-eman school. My first contact with the CMUQ was through a a program , where i knew all about QF universities. i attended several programs at CMUQ, that helped me to choose my major. i hope that i would be able to join different clubs at CMUQ. Some of my friends got accepted with me at CMUQ. In my first year at CMUQ, I met my two closest friends: Mariam , a fun friend and huge fan of koreans, happy, but hard-working student from Qatar, and anstasia, a respectful and hardworking girl that came all the way from Moscow. In my second week, I and my friends discovered alot about the events that happen at the university. In the same week, I also learned that my ability to paint, drawing and painting , is common and that their are art clubs. In my third week of education, I was stressed by the amount of assignments that i got to do, i started to panic and lose my focus. During my fourth week of university, I was trying to manage all the assignments that i got, i was searching for a way to manage my time. "champion" for assignment and enjoying my time at the same way. In the fifth week, I had to find a way to manage my schdual . In the same week , I formed a very good strategies that i searched and hoped to work and manage my time. In my following weeks, I went to different events that were done for freshmans to help them deal with their time , these events helped me and showed me the right way of distributing my time.In my final week at CMU-Q before the holidays, i figured out alot and learned alot about the university as well as the events that will happen and be hosted by different people. my friend saya, and maryam, are both big fans of the K-pop, I didnot like K-pop instead of watching it i watched netflix the whole time in university, i have become an independent learner. I finally focused on eveything, espicially the things that i am week in.

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  • graduated from al-emans school- 2019
  • bachelors degree from CMUQ - 2023

My Hobbies

swimming I am a excellent swimmer
painting I have a special painter skills