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Nicholas Acuna nacuna

A picture of the CubeRover EM1 at GRC


CubeRover senses it's enviromnent with two cameras (one on the front and back), an IMU, and thermistors.


Avionics data will be communicated to the mission control team gradually, with a time delay. Using this data, localization will be performed to map out it's location relative to the lander and other significant bodies of interest. The team will then plan a move that balances safety, speed, and the mission. The move then gets sent to the rover and will be executed when the signal reaches the moon.


CubeRover immediately executes any valid move that it recieves. If a move is nonsensical or outside it's possible execution range, the move is rejected and nothing happens. There are four actuators that are used for mobility, and motor controllers are used to try to accurately follow any commands recieved.

This is the best robot ever (please give me an A haha)