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Resume of Nihad Abu Aker

I am a Carnegie Mellon student, studying Information Systems . I am studying in Qatar. I went to high school at English Modern School Qatar. My favorite subjects were Mathematics, Physics, Information and Communication Technology and English. During high school I got many awards for my academic and athletic success. I also loved to volunteer and do extracurriculars which helped my community. Currently, I'm in the women's basketball team at CMUQ. My favorite subjects now are Ethics and Concepts of Information Systems. I love studying and academic challenges!

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  • High school graduate degree from English Modern School Doha - 2019.
  • Undergraduate degree in Information Systems - 2023.
  • Achieved my black belt in Karate- 2017.


  • I enjoy learning new programs for web authoring, spreadsheets and databases.
  • I enjoy playing sports such as basketball, badminton, table tennis and swimming.
  • I love painting, drawing and taking pictures.
  • I love reading action, science - fiction and mystery novels.