AI, also known as Artificial Intelligence is a term used to describe intelligent behavior thatís been modeled by a computer. AI is a field within Robotics, which makes robots able to perform certain actions. The main idea of AI is to make machines be able to learn about anything, the ability to reason, the ability to reason, and the ability to create original ideas. Actual robots are nowhere near this level of AI, but robots have evolved through times and got better.

AI consists of several algorithms that learn and perform these intelligent behaviors without the interference of any human. There are several problems that appear in robotics, e-commerce, medical diagnosis, gaming, mathematics, and logistics, that these techniques can be used to solve these problems.

Although the main idea of problem solving is simple, making it work is really complicated. First, the computer must gather the information about the situation through sensors. The computer then compares this information with data that it has stored and decides what this information means based on the comparison. The computer then runs through all the possible outcomes and predicts which outcomes is the most suitable. However, the computer can only solve problems that it has been programmed to solve.

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