Back before most programming languages were made, codes were written in binary form. This was because the computer hardware only understood that language only. There was no software that allowed other languages to be used. What people did was they first wrote the code in English, this is called pseudocode. Then they slowly turned that into code using 1s and 0s. In the late 1940s programmers came up with an easier way to write code that was easier to read by people. Instead of using binary, they can write LOAD_A 14 for example. Programmers used an Assembler which made up of helper functions using binary that would translates the code into binary for the CPU to understand.

As time went by better programming languages were made and they got better. Soon enough languages that we know of today such as Python, JavaScript, C++, etc. were made and most people know about these languages. All programming languages are unique in some way. They all have different coding formats. You cant write the same exact code in two different languages and expect it not to crash. There are also different rules in each language that you must use. In addition, each language allows for different purposes. Some languages are used to create applications and some other languages are used to create websites. Furthermore, each language has a different level of complexity. Some languages are easy and simple to use while some others require complex learning to use properly.

One thing that all these different languages have in common is that they have allowed us to write complex code efficiently. We have come a long way from writing 1s and 0s to writing normal code that all programmers recognize today. Even though there are different languages that all have different formats, programmers can identify code regardless because its distinct.

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