Hello, My name is Mubarak Al-Naimi.

Randy Pausch:

Randy Pausch was a professor at Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh. In his time at Carnegie Mellon, he taught human-computer interaction, design, and computer science. Randy was known for his "Last Lecture" which he gave in the 18th of September in 2007, before dying from pancreatic cancer in 25 july of 2008. The lecture was about Time Management and it has several million view on the web.

Things I liked from the lecture:

-The Main goal is to have FUN.

-Ask yourself Why you are choosing to do something over the other and what are the consequences if you choose not to do something

-You can make changes to your plan only if you have a plan to begin with

-Covey's four-qaudrant TODO

-Have a list where you put all the important things you have to do

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