Muhammad Ahmed Shah

Ever Ready Traveller
Computer Scientist in the Making
Foodie for Life

About Me


I am currently an undergradute student enrolled in the Computer Science program at Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar.

My research interests lie in the area of computer systems, more specifically ubiquitous and pervasive systems. This field of computer science appear particularly attractive to me becuase it affords me the opportunity to work on projects that can have immediate practical implications in the lives of technology consumers.

Currently I am developing a system that will facilitate the construction of semantically rich indoor floorplans. Currently the project is funded through the Qatar Student Initiated Research Program Fellowship and I plan to work on it for my honors thesis.

Apart from pushing the boundaries of science, I enjoy travelling, photography, cooking and playing video games (there is nothing like a few hours of Civilization to satiate your inner desire to rewrite history).

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