I am an Information Systems student at Carnegie Mellon University . I graduated from Al-Bayan Internation School in 2013. I chose Information Systems major because of my passion to technology. I participated in Ibrikar program at CMU-Q in 2013. I knew a lot about my major during this amazing experience. We were asked to create a poster and come up with a technology application that solves health problems in my Country. I was able to understand how Information Systems is related to life and makes life easier. Information systems played a huge rule in developing a lot of fields such as Medical fields. In my first year One of my ambitions is to help my country improve and make life easier. Nowadays people can book airline tickets through a website; they can also pay their phone bills with a simple call! I have the desire to continue on this path after graduating by creating and innovating software that would ease people's lives further and help run businesses smoothly. I strongly believe that IS will be the first step for me to follow my desire. IS major will teach me how to be creative and how to innovate systems that could solve business organizations problems. I have no doubt that after studying IS major in CMUQ, I will be able to understand how to work with information and manage them. I am planning to take software development courses in CMUQ that I strongly believe will help me a lot in achieving my goal of creating software. After I graduate, I'm planning to work as a software developer in a high ranked company in Qatar. I will use my leadership skills, teamwork skills and creativity in order to work hard in that company so that I can become a manager. I see myself after 10 years of graduation as a software development manager who developed software that people can benefit from.

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Goals I want to reach

  1. To become a software developer

  2. To create a software that may ease people's life

  3. To make my parents proud of me