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Randy Pausch summary

Randy Pausch is a professor and a computer scientists. He taught at The University of Virginia and Carnegie Mellon University. He was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and gave a talk about time management during that period of his life. During his talk, he gave many informative tips. The pointers I took great pleasure to learn were;

firstly, to write my to-do list based on the priority of importance by following the 4 quadrant method and starting with the least enjoyable task. I enjoyed how although he emphasized what he was listing, he kept the lecture lighthearted with his humor and included his personal experiences.What also benefited me to hear, was the fact that creating your own deadlines regardless of when the actual one is, is a simple way to complete a duty. Furthermore, I appreciated his little point on making time to write thank you notes to people in your life, which is a small but rewarding gesture. Lastly, His uplifting spirit kept me engaged through his whole talk, and his lightweight approach to presenting, even when talking about his diagnosis, was refreshing. His talk was simply inspiring.

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