Our group presents an overview of the open learning initiative at CMU, along with a basic explanation of open learning initiatives in general. An open learning initiative is a movement to simulate full class experiences online for a widespread audience. The OLI at CMU was cooperatively designed by experts in human-computer interaction and current professors teaching the courses offered online. The goal of the initiative was to reach the distance-learners who wished to be provided with the same educational experience of students here on campus. The online courses intend to replace large lecture-based courses for students who cannot attend these lectures. While this program does reach its intended audience and provides an adequate classroom experience, some argue that learning from digital tutoring and online courses cannot provide the same educational value as an actual classroom experience. The hope for open learning initiatives is that an introductory-level college education can be provided to students world-wide with an internet connection, and that such an education will be representative of the real-life classroom experience.



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