The Cheetah Robot

The Cheetah Robot developed at Boston Dynamics and MIT is the fastest legged robot ever developed. It can run at speeds of up to 29 mph and can perform running jumps over obstacles. The running gait is a simple Bounding Gallop gait that requires little planning to accomplish. However, the robot must sense and plan to jump over upcoming obstacles. When an obstacle is encountered the Cheetah robot senses the object using LIDAR to judge the distance to and height of the object. It then plans its upcoming steps so as to plant its feet the right distance in front of the obstacle in order to maximize its chances of clearing it. The robot then changes its step size to account for the difference between its projected foot placement and the required foot placement. Once the robot has reached the obstacle, the robot senses the depth of the obstacle it needs to jump over again using LIDAR and plans its mid-air leg movements so that its feet fully clear the obstacle and can land in a stable position on the other side. Finally, the robot executes the jump and planned leg movements, clears the object and lands to continue running on the other side.

Matt Martone HW0PT1