Biographical Sketch

Professor Michael E. McHenry, 243 Roberts Hall, Carnegie Mellon University, 5000 Forbes Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA15213. VOX: 412-268-2703, FAX: 412-268-1513, e-mail:

  1. Professional Preparation:

Case Western Reserve Univ., Materials Science and Engineering, B.S., 1980.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Electronic Materials, Ph.D, 1988.

Directors Funded Post-Doctoral Associate, Los Alamos National Lab -1988-89.

II. Appointments:

1997- Carnegie Mellon University, Professor of Materials Science and Engineering,

with courtesy appointments in Biomedical Engineering and Physics.

1992-97 Carnegie Mellon Univ., Associate Professor, Materials Science and Engineering.

1989-92 Carnegie Mellon Univ., Assistant Professor of Materials Science and Engineering.

1988-89 Directors Funded Post-Doctoral Associate, Los Alamos National Laboratory.

1983-88 Research Assistant, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

1980-83 Technology Implementation Program, U. S. Steel - Lorain Works.

III. Research Products:

Prof. McHenry’s publications are available through the following websites:


Google Scholar:


Significant Publications:

  1. M. E. McHenry and D. E. Laughlin; Chapter 19 - Magnetic Properties of Metals and Alloys. Physical Metallurgy - 5th Edition. (2015).

  2. M.E. McHenry, M. A. Willard and D. E. Laughlin; “Amorphous and Nanocrystalline Materials for Applications as Soft Magnets;” Prog. Mat. Sci. 44, 291, (1999). ( Has over 1100 citations.

  3. M. E. McHenry and D. E. Laughlin, Nano-scale Materials Development for Future Magnetic Applications. Acta Mat. 48, 223-38, (2000). (

  4. K. A. Gallagher, M. A. Willard, V. Zabenkin, D. E Laughlin, and M. E. McHenry. "Distributed Exchange Interactions and Temperature Dependent Magnetization in Amorphous Fe88−xCoxZr7B4Cu1 Alloys." J. Appl. Phys. 85, 5130-32, (1999). (

  5. S. Xu, A. Habib and M. E. McHenry, Magnetic Nanoparticle-based Solder Composites Electronic Packaging Applications. Prog. Mat. Sci. 67, 95-160, (2015). doi:10.1016/j.pmatsci.2014.08.001.

IV. Selected Synergistic Activities

  1. M. E. McHenry was a 2013 IEEE Distinguished Lecturer, delivering the lecture “Nanocomposite Alloy Design for Power Electronic Applications” at 40 sites worldwide.

  2. M. E. McHenry has served for over 20 years in various capacities for the MMM and Intermag Conferences including, session chair, program committee, editor, publication chair and most recently served as the co-Chair of the 2014 Intermag Conference in Dresden Germany.

  3. M. E. McHenry authored a 2007 textbook, “Structure of Materials”, with M. DeGraef published by Cambridge University Press, <> a 2nd edition published in 2012.

  4. M.E. McHenry is a 2014 TMS Awardee for Research Excellence in Electronic, Magnetic and Photonic Materials Research. (presented 02/14) with a symposium in his honor at TMS 2015.

  5. M. E. McHenry mentored Courtney Ondeck, who in 2008 became the first CMU student in 17 years to win the prestigious Churchill fellowship, in 2015 Kate Grotschner became the second student to win a Churchill fellowship from MSE.

Graduate and Post-Doctoral Advisors: Dr. R. C. O'Handley (deceased); Prof. N. J. Grant (deceased) and Dr. M. P. Maley (retired, LANL).

Graduate Students (2008-2015): : P.-J. Kung, Ph.D, 1993; M. Bilaniuk, Ph.D, 1993; B. Baumert, Ph.D, 1994; H. Lessure, Ph.D, 1994; R. A. Sutton, M.S., 1994, B. Ramalingum M.S., 1994, C. Silva, M.S., 1994, C.-H. Weng, M.S., 1994, Y. Nakamura, M.S., 1995, R. A. Sutton, Ph.D, 1996, Z. Turgut, M. S., 1996, C. Silva, Ph.D, 1997, A. Fukanaga, M. S., 1997, B. Ramalingum, Ph.D, 1998, M. Storch, M.S. 1997, M. Willard M.S., 1997, S. Jeong, M. S., 1997, A. Hsiao, M.S., 1998; S. –J. Son, M. S. 1999, F. Johnson, M.S. 1999, M. Willard Ph.D, 2000, Z. Turgut, Ph.D, 2000; R. Swaminathan, M.S., 2001; A. Hsiao, Ph.D, 2001; Z.-L. Lee, Ph.D, 2002; S. Jeong, Ph.D, 2002; C.-Y. Um, M.S., 2002; S.-J. Son, Ph.D, 2003; F. Johnson, Ph.D, 2003, J. Long, M.S., 2004, P. Ohodnicki, M.S. 2006, R. Swaminathan, Ph.D, 2005; C.-Y. Um, Ph.D, 2006; J. Long, Ph.D, 2008; S. Kuchimanchi, Ph.D, 2008; P. Ohodnicki, Ph.D, 2008; A. Leary, M.S., 2009, K. Miller, Ph.D, 2010; K. McNerny, Ph.D, 2011; A. Habib, Ph.D, 2011; N. Jones, Ph.D. 2011; Sam Kernion, Ph.D, 2012; S. Xu, Ph.d., 2013; H. Ucar, Ph.d 2013; S. Shen, Ph.d. 2013; V. DeGeorge M. S. 2013; M. Kurniawan, M. S. 2014; W. Schoenthal, M.S. 2014.

Post-doctoral Associates (2008-2013): S.-Y Chu, 1995-2001, MIT; M. Huang, 1996-2001 (ret); R. A. Sutton, 1996, A. Landa, 1999, LBNL; T. Ohkubo, 2001, NRIM; H. Okumura, 2001-2002, Kyoto Univ.; A. Wise, 2010, CMU; I. Jhon, 2010-11, Univ. of Sevilla; R. Roy, 2010-11, CSIR- INDIA; J. Silverya, 2013; Univ. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Staff Scientist (2008-2013): Priyanka Anand 2013-15, Valdimir Keylin 2014-15.