Roomba Robot

I am a robot.

This is an iRobot Roomba. It is the most popular vacuuming robot on the market. When activated, it moves throughout a room vacuuming up dirt and debris.

It has a number of sensors that aid it in its quest to vacuum dirt including:

1. Forward-looking infrared sensors to sense obstacles

2. Dirt-detecting sensors

3. Sensors that can sense steep drops

Roombas do not create maps for rooms that they clean. Instead, Roombas follow relatively simple algorithms when traversing a room (like wall-following). However, the Roomba does engage in some planning. For instance, when the infrared sensors sense an obstacle, the Roomba will slow down to avoid hitting the obstacle at full speed to prevent damage to the robot. In addition, some Roombas are equipped with dirt-detecting sensors that will stop the robot on a particularly dirty spot to ensure that all or most of the dirt is vacuumed up. Furthermore, if the Roomba senses a steep drop (such as the top of a staircase), the Roomba will follow a plan that ensures that the robot avoids the edge and will not fall off.