Natural Language Processing

Natural Language processing is a combination of Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, and Computational linguistics, that is involved with the interaction between computers and humans.

In the past few years, applications of natural language processing have become very important in our daily life, and we see it wherever we look. For instance, auto-corrector for spelling and , grammar mistakes, in Microsoft word, and the translation from programming languages to machine language. Also, email spam detection or automatic answering questions. Plus, detecting people’s review on products and extracting appointments from e-mails.

NLP is considered having four subtopics , Signal processing, Syntactic analysis, Semantic analysis ,and Pragmatics. Signal processing is about processing spoken words to text. But, semantic analysis understands the meaning of a words and sentences. Pragmatics concerns how the meaning of a sentence depends on its function in our daily life, by all means the larger context of a dialogue.

So, coming to syntactic analysis. The computer should be able to read through the input sentence, word by word, and in the end figure out structural description of each word that was inputed. What I mean is that each word is either noun, pronoun, adjective, verb or adverb. For example if the sentence that was processed was “ Maryam hates eating bananas”. You won’t know if “Maryam” is an adjective or noun until the whole sentence was processed completely. Since we have multiple ways of available to make a sentence in any language in the world. It’s clear that if a single world was given, it won’t be obvious if that word is (noun, pronouns,verb etc.) and such issues and problems will complicate what might seem like a simple chore.

Semantic analysis is the study of structure and meaning of speech. It is the job of a semantic analyst to uncover the grammatical patterns, the meanings of colloquial speech, and to find certain meanings to words in any different languages.

Natural Language processing is a very broad topic in computer science, where it branches out into several branches, what really is will catch my attention if I found how natural language processing is going to change in future and how. Plus, their application that could make the world more advanced. I’ve been summarizing different topics of computer science and this was one of the most interesting subjects so far, and that grabbed my attention in how computer science is starting to make difference in our world.

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