Computer Security

Computer Security is the protection against rob or any damage that can happen to the computer. It protects against any harm that comes either from network access, data or code injection.whether intentional, accidental, or due to them being tricked into deviating from secure procedures. Cybersecurity’s importance is growing everyday due to reliance of computer systems in every civilization. The whole protection process covers every unintended or unauthorized access and it applies security measures to ensure confidentiality and integrity of data.

There are several types of threats than can come out of computer stealing. For example, there is backdoors, direct-access attacks , eavesdropping, spoofing and tampering. But for systems there can be financial risks, applications or websites that save credit card numbers or bank accounts are targeted by hackers. Even, industrial equipments can be controlled, if the machines are connected to the internet. It is also said that even machines that is monitored by computers can be hacked. In 2012, Ras Gas has been hit with virus that turned off its website and e-mail servers. However the damage did not affect the company computer that control the production and delivery of gas. The website closed for three days. One the same month , Armco a saudi oil company was attacked. It affected nearly thirty thousand computer. Thankfully it didn’t affect the production or the distribution of oil gas. But, the attackers replaced data with pictures of United states flag burning.The attackers behind the latter hits, however, are not believed to be affiliated with any nation state.

The Cyber attackers don’t have varied intentions. Some do it because they find it entertaining, others are trying to gain money. That’s why organizations have to refer to a technique to make sure that data stored in a computer cannot be read by any person without permission. Accordingly they encrypt data and passwords in a form or a mechanism people won’t get.

Crucial financial damage has been caused by security breaches and hackers are always going to keep pushing the envelope to access data that they aren’t allowed to get. But if any system keeps on updating their security system, they’ll have a longer time and success without being hacked. Although websites owners are mostly responsible if their system is hacked, It is equally important for their clients to secure their accounts themselves. Hackers, like all other predators will attack the weakest prey. Keep your security measures strong so they have to find another victim.

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