Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a new type of network based computing which takes place over the Internet. it’s supposed to store and access data and programs over the internet instead of your computer’s hard drive. To allow the user more flexibility for working in different places without needing to drag their laptops with them. The cloud is a metaphor, indicating the Internet. One example of cloud computing are e-mails. They’re not stored in the computer, but , in the provider’s cloud. The computer cloud architecture is comprised into two parts. One, is the front end and the other is the back end. Front end signifies the computer. It requires a user accessing by internet browser or a program. Whereas the back end consists of servers , central server, computer network and Database. The back end does all the work. The central server monitors the traffic and making sure everything is running smoothly with less lags. Also, it’s the bridge that connects between different network computers allowing them to communicate with each other. cloud computing companies need to have backup files incase there is a damage in the original ones. which means they need to copy from each files. so, double storage in needed. The benefits of using cloud storage is you don’t need to carry your laptop wherever you go. Plus, no need to pay for expensive laptop for storage. Secondly, companies don’t need to buy software for every employee but instead share it in cloud. Third, storage takes a lot of physical space, so why worry about space when there’s cloud computing. But of course every phenomenon has it’s cons. one of the biggest concerns of cloud storing is security and privacy. When you use cloud computing ,it like you’re handing your work to another company to watch. And, don’t forget accounts can get hacked. Cloud companies live by reputation and reliability, so they do the everything to secure your account. However , users have to be careful not to anyone there passwords, forget to log out from there accounts or using common passwords. Additionally to backing up their files either on another cloud service or on a drive. just in case something happens. In conclusion, cloud computing is a very useful way for storing data with more flexibility. It’s not new though but not until recently cloud computing become popular. Although it has some risks, but it can be avoided.

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