Minsung Cho
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Email: minsung AT ccs DOT neu DOT edu

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I am an incoming Ph.D. student at the Programming Research Lab at Northeastern University, where I will be advised by Steven Holtzen. I recently graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with majors in mathematics and philosophy. I was advised by Jeremy Avigad.

I'm interested in programming languages and automated reasoning. In particular, I'm interested in probabilistic PLs, probabilistic verification, and interactive theorem proving. I've done some other things in past. In particular, I've studied:

Currently I am working on a project to formalize Cops and Robbers in the theorem prover Lean advised by Professor Jeremy Avigad. My work is available in a public Github repository here.

In summer 2021, I participated in the NSF REU in functional analysis at UT Chattanooga, advised by Professor Roger Nichols.

During summer 2020, I did a CMU-funded research project in graph-theoretic games, specifically Cops and Robbers, with Professor David Offner.

I'm a regular TA in the math department. More recently I also TA for the philosophy department. Here are some of the classes I've TA'd for:

Fun facts about me: