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My name is Mostafa Hussein. I graduated from Debakey High school at the age of 18 years old. Right now I attend Carnegie Mellon university and I'm majoring in Information systems Major.

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Professional activities

I participated in a variety of professional events such as Injaz and a robotics competition that was held in College of North Atlantic. In these events I managed to get second places in all of them and that helped me to gain a lot of experiences. These experiences later helped me to achieve a lot of my targets such as getting accepted into Carnegie Mellon university.


Since I was at a very young age I've always had a huge interest when it comes to traveling. I loved the fact that i can go and visit other countries and even learn from their cultures. This created a different sense of belonging inside of me specially after interacting by the people of that specific country. Traveling sometimes can also be a pain due to the fact that I enjoy going around the country that I'm visiting. This makes travelling more tiring but at the end of the day it is such a fun experience to have specially as a kid. This is because when i was young i used to find a lot of things very fascinating and that created a feeling of joy inside of me. I've travelled to many countries such as Greece, Jordan, France, Spain, Italy and Thailand. In every country that I've went to I've managed to find something that was very interesting to me and i can still remember them till today. Also something that I love about visiting other countries is the fact that you can carry an item from that country that will remind you of your trip that country forever. This is something that i really value because i still have these items till this day.

These are pictures of Italy because it is the one I loved the most "Italy"



Music Music Club in CMUQ.
Business Club I joined Injaz group in school.

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Subject interest

Since I was a kid in middle school, I always had an interest for math. I thought and felt that I was very gifted in it and it made me want to pursue things that has to do with math. This made me want to pursue engineering. When I ended up joining high school I started interacting with more subjects. This developed a stronger interest in me in subjects like physics, computer science and BCIS (business and information systems).