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Randy Pausch was a CMU-Q Computer Science professor and also as a motivational lecturer in his last years of his battle with Pancreatic cancer. He had created some well-acclaimed software such as the ALICE software for which we have a competition in Qatar. Sadly, he lost his battle to his illness and passed away on July 25, 2008, leaving an insurmountable legacy in both the teaching and inspiration books.

Elevate time to same importance as money, they are interrelated

Something that personally resonates to me is the cost of education at a university and the feeling it should be less. As Professor. Randy reinstated if you are going to see money in terms of only what its is: money then you’ll never realize why it is wort more than what you are paying for. It’s about the time I’ll spend here, the skills that I’ll learn here and so on and so forth that will exponentially recompensate me in the future- Time is a Life saver.Its not about doing something right it is about doing the right things: you can try perfecting the wrong thing all your life and you’ll be left behind by someone who identified the right thing and did it adequately.

You need to dream to be able to do it. But this should also follow with dedicated hard work, proper ranking of priorities on your To Do list. Finish the important stuff that resonate with you first and then do the rest later. Although a old analogy of Emails, the concept remained clear. Manage your workspace and priorities, and if you ever want to get something done as a leader communicate with important people .


WHAT IS A DECSION PROBLEM? ---> Any problem that be converted into a yes-no question WHAT DOES IT MEAN FOR A DECSION PROBLEM TO BE DECIDABLE? ---> A problem that can solved by a defined process known as an algorithm in finite number of steps is known as a decidable problem WHAT IS THE CLASS P ? WHAT IS THE CLASS NP? ---> P is the complexity class containing decision problems which can be solved by a deterministic Turing machine using a polynomial amount of computation time, or polynomial time (mercury.webster) WHAT IS THE INTUITIVE MEANING OF THE "P VERSUS NP" QUESTION? ----> In short it is a problem that questions whether for a problem whose solution can be verified quickly, does it have an algorithm that can efficiently output solutions for this problem? If you resolve the P versus NP question, how much richer will you be? ---->You'll be richer by a million dollars because you will become a receipent of the prize form Clay Mathematics Institute of Cambridge, Massachusetts


In 2017 the official website of the Qatar News agency was hacked allegedly by Emirati hired or based hackers in order to post blashphamous content as the wrods of the Amir of Qatar. The resulting incident was the beginning fire for a now 3 year long complete economic and political blocakde by neighbouring countires in retaliation to the hacked statements. This evidecne of who were the hackers and where were they based was provided by an investigation led by the FBI and the CIA operatives in the USA.

In 2016, attackers were able to successfully break into Qatar National Bank's database leading to a leak of a lrage amountof customer's extremely sensitive information like PIN/credit card details.They used the vulnerablities in the Tomcat 4.2.3, JSP, and Servlet 2.4, database-related software to gain access. Data of many high profile organizations and people was leaked and only after a deep convincing from experts was action taken and resolved


Cloud computing is about accessing different stored services with the use of internet. It is essentially a new technology that is rapidly growing,and its uniqueness is because of how it provides an all time geolocatoin independent service is what makes it uniqe and lucrative Major cloud service models are; i.Infrastructure as a service ii.Platform as a service iii.Software as a service Its effective in our normal daily uses also like google cloud services to access infromation from any device at any time along with data intensive works. Additionaly it has a huge use in commercail projects for file sharing and access. Some service providers allow for an integrated model, where user has access to all three service models, while on the other hand, some allow access to one of those service models. Some providers implement a pay-per-use fee, while others implement a more traditional flat fee per month or per year depending on the subscription model. Some providers implement a more flexible dynamic pricing policy, where the fees depend on the supply and demand of the service provided Some cloud computing services are provided for free at no additional costs.

Programming Languages

The purpose of programming languages is to provide machines with specific instructions to perform particular tasks. Punch cards, invented by Herman Hollerith, fulfilled this need, but not very efficiently. Punch cards took a lot of storage space and were hard to understand. Thus, programming languages offers a much more robust tool for giving instructions to computers, which is why we use programming languages rather than punch cards.

The reason for the existance of many programming languages is due to the different goals and purposes of each programming language, in short , no single size can fit all the requirements

A drawback of interpreted programming languages is that they are much slower than the other "compiler" languages like python is as compared to C++

Primarily decide the execution paradigm that I want to use, and the target use of it so that i can beteer decide on its GUI and other technicalities



Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the simulations of human intelligences in machines.

Machine Learning

Deep Learning

Neural Networks

Cognitive Computing


the creation and availability of data have grown during recent years and along with the improvent in technigloy and algorithms it has seen a metoric rise


Hospital robots

Autonomous driving

restaurant services

Major challenges include computing power, abttery support as well them being eco-frindly












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Programming Languages

Three Applications of Natural Language Processing are:

Chatbots & Virtual Assistants

Market Intelligence


1-khelna: khel=play, na=ing

2-insaniyat: insan=human iyat=ity

3-maktub: kataba:wrote ==> maktub:(written)

Mein ne apna homework late hal kiya tha us din: I submitted my homework late that day

"Time flies like an arrow"

1-Time flies as fast as an arrow does.

2- Take a timer and time the flies like you would an arrow.

3- Time's method of flight is very similar to an arrow's.