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            My name is Michael Christie and I'm from Tewksbury Township, New Jersey.  I am a sophomore at Carnegie Mellon University and I am studying production dramaturgy in the School of Drama. In my studies so far at Carnegie Mellon University, I have had the opportunity to work as an assistant and lead dramaturg on three University productions.  I have assisted dramaturg and artistic director of the Pittsburgh Public Theater, by reading unsolicited plays. I have also assisted director and playwright Talvin Wilks in documenting the Black Theatre Initiative Conference for his upcoming research publication. As a person who is diligent, mature, optimistic, and intellectually curious, I am constantly exploring possible career paths that would best suit me. One of those opportunities includes working as a resident dramaturg for a local or regional theatre, progressing to a literary manager, and then ultimately becoming an artistic director. Dramaturgy has helped focus my efforts and broaden my sense of the power and depth of dialectics that can occur in theatre. I know I want to have a profession in the theatre because it is engaging and empowering collaboration that can have the influence to evoke social change and understanding in a community and between people with different ways of life.