Mauricio Contreras


Open source HW and SW multi-tool adapter for robotic arms

RoboOp is an open source project that intends to build a multifaceted tool plate attachment for people using robotic arms in novel ways. It is based on the idea of modularity and also on using other open source projects, both software and hardware. RoboOp has several docks based on common hardware (standard nuts and bolts), an Arduino for embedded programming and also useful features such as power line. The project was led by Zack Jacobson Weaver and Madeline Gannon (2 awesome collaborators!), and I participated giving mainly my EE perspective since the ideation an prototyping phase, and worked towards including the Arduino board, which required a custom PCB for voltage conversion between the robot's an Arduino's IO signals. RoboOp has been presented in the Open Hardware Summit and will be presented at Acadia.

Check out the project's WEBSITE!


My simple voltage converter