Mauricio Contreras


Mixing digital and manual manufacturing techniques, I strive to become a holistic maker

Antler, sanded, painted and hand woven with thread

While in CMU, and mainly through the Digital Tooling class, I've explored digital fabrication techniques such as 3D printing, CNC milling and laser cutting, along with analog ones such as vacuum forming. Also, the course was my first exploration into 3D modeling with Rhinoceros. Several classes have given me the chance to enhance my digital fabrication skills, mainly for fast prototyping. During my last semester, I'm complementing my making skills with more traditional, manual methods, mainly through Mark Baskinger's Experimental form class, which is an open ended exploration of form and material. So far I've produced pieces with weaving and wire bending, which have greatly informed my process of tangible making. Also, I'm getting training in the school's woodshop.

Experiment 3D printing myself!

Study in semi-mass production with wire bending