Mauricio Contreras

Survey on IoT

"How to bring a Home Automation product to market in the early days of the Internet of Things era"


"The smart home is one of the most pervasive ideas both in science fiction (the author as fond memories of "The Jetsons") but also as a market that was forecasted decades ago, being perceived as one of the early applications of Ubiquitous Computing (see below). The technology to achieve a level of Home Automation (HA) much greater than the one that is predominant today (i.e. very little if any) has been available for many decades now. And yet (for the most part), our coffee machines are not connected to our alarm clocks, we still mainly use keys to lock our doors, we don't talk to our houses, and we don't have a fridge that tells us our grocery inventory status. Whereas HA firms have existed for a long time (ex. Crestron Electronics, Inc., AMX Corporation, and Control4, to name a few), HA has a long way to go before mass adoption, such as for example that of mobile telephony. Cellphones have reached, in many countries, more than 100% of penetration, and done so in much less time than it has taken HA to reach it's present state."

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