Resume of Mikail Cheema

I am an Information System student at Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar. My goal in life is to have a cyber security firm that will have contracts within governmental agencies and the private sector in Qatar as well as worldwide. So far, I have received my highschool degree and am achieving my bachelors degree in Information Systems. Through my experience in several clubs and activities such as Model United Nations and The Planetary Society, I believe that I will be able to achieve a lot more through the skills I receive in these clubs.

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  • Highschool degree from Qatar Academy - 2019
  • Studying for Undergraduate Degree in Information Systems from CMU-Q - 2023 (Expected graduate year)

My Hobbies

Model United Nations I have been to more than 20 conferences, and been in all positions from delegate, chair, and Secretary General.
Fencing I have practiced fencing for more than two years, and been part of two competitions in which I one bronze for one.