16-311 Introduction to Robotics

Lab 01

Team D Members: Adit Namdev, Myles Blodnick, Joseph Gu

Description of Project

  1. When the ball is dropped, it falls into a funnel which leads the ball onto a track.
  2. While the ball goes down this track, it pushes a lever that is using the Lego turntable.
  3. The ball then continues down the tracks and into a cup that is acting as an elevator.
  4. The lever that the ball pushed (2) then pulls out a tissue that is preventing sand from falling out of a cup.
  5. The sand then falls into a suspended cup. Once the suspended cup reaches a certain weight, it pulls down the counterweight for the elevator.
  6. The counterweight then pulls up the elevator the ball is currently in.
  7. At a certain height the cup tips the ball into a track. As the ball rolls down the track, it knocks a second lodged ball and then continues to roll into a slingshot pouch.
  8. The second ball that was knocked then rolls down a different track and sets off a mousetrap.
  9. The mousetrap then releases the slingshot, sending the initial ball into the air and then into the landing zone.

Energy Transfers


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