Programming Language

  1. Why did we move from punch cards to programming languages? What does that tell you about the purpose of programming languages?
  2. Punch cards are not as efficient as programming languages in feeding the computer with data. This is due to fact that programmers need to stack cards in order to execute a program. This is, no doubt, a huge waste of time and costly. So, to resolve this issue after the invention of magnetic media, programming languages were born to substitute punch cards with a more efficient way of inputting data and providing instruction to the computer.

  3. There are hundreds of different programming languages out there. Why do you think we need so many?
  4. There are many reasons for the existence of so many programming languages. These are some of the most significant ones:

  5. What are some drawbacks of a programming language you use? How would you like it to be different? Think of specific examples
  6. The programming language I use is python. It is, compared to C, significantly slower in executing a program. For example: in Regular Expressions, python 3 takes 1.36 seconds whereas C takes 0.8 seconds. Similar cases occur in pidigits, k-nucleotide, binary trees, and many other types of programs.

  7. If you were going to create a new programming language, how would you start? What do you need to define?
  8. After learning everything that is required to be learned for creating a programming language, I need to take the following steps in order to create a programming language:


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